War on Yemen Will Put an End to Saudi Monarchy: Abid Hussain From Kashmir




Abid Hussain from Kashmir is currently Pursuing Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication. His interest lies in media, conflict studies, photography, supporting struggles based on justice. Hussain will be YemenExtra’s journalist for today through the following article: 
Unabated bombing on Yemen has spun a deadly cocoon for Saudi Arabia’s monarchy which will meet the fate of a silkworm. Every foreign made bomb being hurled towards Yemen by Al Saud is actually sounding a death knell for this corrupted family. The Saudi regime is caught between the devil and the deep sea with each passing day it is heading towards an inevitable end.
The sole objective which Saudi-led aggressors and mercenaries could achieve in Yemen till date is inflicting suffering upon the innocent population in terms of displacing millions, killing thousands, snatching livelihood, coercing children to die of starvation and cholera.
Demonstrators carry flags of Yemeni Ansarullah movement during Quds day procession in Kashmir. Taken by Abid Hussain. YemenExtra.
Saudi Arabia along with its accomplices started bombing one of their neighboring impoverished country after its oppressed people came out of mountains and dungeons barefooted and tried to govern their beloved country without foreign intervention. Before the valorous Yemenis could proceed and take full control of their territory they were dealt with iron fist by the custodians of Haramain Sharifain.
The care takers of the Islamic holiest cities are supposed to spread peace and renounce violence, however they wreaked havoc in the Arab region’s poorest country by raining bombs and missiles on the innocent population. The direct and structural violence exposed their true face and ripped apart the custodian robe to the world.
Saudi Arabia-led coalition launched ‘Operation Decisive Storm’ in late March 2015 to subdue Yemen but this operation gave birth to stiff resistance from deep inside the mountains. Then infamous offensive was renamed as ‘Operation Restoring Hope’. But again their hope disappeared in the flood of steadfastness which emerged from the brave hearts of AnsarAllah.
After failing to achieve desired goals in Yemen they hid behind the twin holiest places and begged other countries to help on the
pretext of saving Prophet’s land. How strange and hypocrite! But this would not save them from their doomed fate.
History bears witness to the fact that Saudi Arabia never supplied a Riyal or a single bullet to Palestinians who are resisting against the illegal Zionist entity. They also did nothing to stop New World Order’s Greater Israel project. Saudi monarchy only knows the language of extremism and apart from killing Yemenis they are also persecuting their own citizens in Awamiyah.
The Yemeni leader Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, who is spearheading the ongoing revolution, in most of the speeches pledges support for Palestine but Saudi Arabia is pushing Yemenis towards a wall by daily bombing. Isn’t Saudi Arabia’s hand now in the glove with Israel?
Despite loosing everything to Saudi’s aggression, the resilient people spend nights in open under hovering jets operated by mercenaries and have not taken themselves away from the love of Imam Hussain (as) who rejected Yazid’s rule and was martyred along with his 71 holy companions in the battle of Karbala. This is the secret of their resistance where martyrdom is flowing in their veins that has taken away the fear of death and it goes opposed to commonly love for life of Al Saud.
Kashmiri female protesters pledge support for Yemen during Quds day demonstration. Taken by Abid Hussain. YemenExtra.
Each word of resistance which comes from the eloquent mouth of Sayyed Al-Houthi has trembled the Saudi monarchy and the other thugs of the world. He says Yemenis are following the path of Imam Hussain (as) and will never bow to humiliation. This clearly reflects their love for Hussain (as) which has bashed the nexus of Saudi Arabia and foreign countries.
The pictures of Yemeni children buried under concrete structures and dying with starvation are heart wrenching and a wake up call for Muslim countries to condemn the aggression of Saudi Arabia and prevent their sinister’s ploy. In contrary, Muslim countries openly offered their support to Saudi Arabia and gave them licence to kill. Furthermore, the champions of human rights are tight lipped and have taken the side of the oppressor.
Malcolm X has rightly said ‘media has the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent’. Quickly after the Saudi’s military intervention, the perpetrators were praised by media and victims were booed. In the past 32 months of continuous bombing, media did everything to demean and defame Yemen’s resistance by using black, gray and white propaganda. But it would not provide a magical wand for Saudi Arabia to hush up their crimes. The deep wounds and scars on bodies of Yemeni people is an eye opener and the oozing blood would probably leave the existence of the house of Al Saud in total ruins.
Saudi is losing billions of dollars to war on Yemen. They have to pay heavy salaries to mercenaries which is impossible to afford for long. The rep-repercussions of war could be seen by recent events in the royal family. The crackdown on princes and billionaire businessmen is a clear sign of strain inside the dynasty.
Kashmiri Shia Muslim wears T-shirt with a message ‘Muslims are one, only they need to stand like Hussain (as)’ during Ashura procession in central Kashmir’s Budgam township. He also pasted a badge on his back with map of Jammu and Kashmir which reads Mazloom Kashmir (Oppressed Kashmir). Taken by Abid Hussain. YemenExtra.
I must say kudos goes to innocent blood of Yemen which has exposed Saudi dynasty. Yemen’s dedication has inserted a nail to the coffin of the puppet monarchy for its annihilation.
There is no denying that Yemen has been ruined and raised to ground, however the continuous oppression has not only made them strong but they have become now a genuine threat for the Saudi family. This luxurious dynasty could not stand long in front of poor but bold people of Yemen. Because it is a fact that history is a graveyard of numerous monarchies, tyrants and oppressors where the vulnerable came out victorious. This would be repeated in the current war.
Meanwhile, as a witness to bloodshed in my land I know how it feels when people from other parts of the world write in your support. Hence I express my solidarity and empathy to the oppressed people of Yemen. I also extend best wishes to the poorest but bravest Yemenis who despite all odds do not not lose hope and faith in Alllah.


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