Southern activist: Hundreds of dead, wounded and captives of southerners are entrapped




In light of the military situation out of the control of the forces loyal to the coalition in the directorate of Khokha in the province of Hodeidah South activists launched urgent calls to remove the southern fighters from the directorate, which has become besieged.

The southern activist loyal to the coalition Huda al-Attas on Tuesday evening published a report monitored by the reporter on the Facebook page revealed the impasse in which the fighters loyal to the coalition of the people of the southern provinces.

Al-Attas told me: “There are hundreds of southerners’ dead and prisoners in the Euphrates and Nukuha Front, and about 70 vehicles have been destroyed. The fighters led by Major General Haitham Kassem initially took control for four days. But when the road was cut off from the coast, “He said.

As the source says, Houthi directed his forces in the field that the one who wanted to withdraw from the southerners with his personal weapon only leave it. And that the coalition aircraft hit some of the mechanisms that tried to withdraw and targeted the bridges to cut their way back to sabotage.

“The scene is tragic and most of the fighters are southerners and very few fingers counted from the northerners of the conference were killed and their families” al-Attas was quoted as saying.

Alatas called on the coalition to reveal the truth, and called on the southern pro-UAE transitional council to stop putting young southerners in incinerators and put an end to bloodshed.

The southern activist belonging to the reformist party brotherhood Abbas al-Dhali lost two battalions who allegedly joined the alliance by betraying what he called the “National Army”, the forces of the Haidi.

“The two battalions belonging to the Republican Guard, who announced their joining the national army in al-Khokha and published the news channel Al Arabiya and Sky Abu Dhabi, betrayed the fighters of the national army from behind,” he said in a tweet posted by Reuters on his Twitter page.

He added that “the Emirati officer directed their participation within the army without taking any precautions.”

A military source told the correspondent that the forces of Sanaa (the army and the Houthis) are now in control of the battle and became close to the restoration of the city of al-Khokha in the province of Hodeidah after controlling the most important camps and surrounded the militants loyal to the alliance from all directions except the direction towards the sea.

The source explained that the army and Houthi forces took full control of the “Abu Musa camp” and thus closed the ports on the pro-coalition militants from the east.

The source added that the forces continued their way towards the Institute and approaching the storming of the city, which is located by gunmen from the southern provinces of the loyalists of the UAE. The source expected that control of the city of al-Khokha in the coming hours, stressing that the militants have no more than to withdraw through the sea.

As Sanaa progressed, the voices of southern activists who accused the coalition of bringing the sons of the province rose in a holocaust that left hundreds of people dead. Aden hospitals on Monday received more than 240 dead and wounded.

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