Yemeins try to stop the food crisis that will reach millions of Yemenis in 2019




The Yemeni forces respond to the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, practices on Yemenis which led to killing thousands of Yemenis.

The Rocketry Force of the Yemeni army forces fired a ballistic missile, Badr P-1, is a domestically-designed smart missile, is a short-range and solid-propellant missile that is an upgrade of Badr-1 missile, and has a pinpoint accuracy of 3 meters, on the gathering of the coalition’s paid fighters in Hiran Front in Hajjah province Tuesday morning, hitting its target, causing large loss in the ranks of the coalition’s paid fighters and their mechanisms.

The spokesman of the Armed Forces, Brigadier Yahya Sare’e, Yesterday, stated that over 200 of the coalition’s paid fighters, including commanders, in Hairan were killed during the last 4 days.

Al-Jazeera News channel reported on Monday in an investigation the Saudi recruitment of Yemeni children. The 11-minute investigation provided tragic stories of the children who were forced, after the crisis of the coalition’s war on Yemen, to seek suitable jobs to support their families and save them from starvation to fall into the hands of the trafficker who lead them to what the reporter called “childhood crematoria”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret for the negative role the Arab League is playing in the face of the coalition and siege imposed on Yemen for the fifth yea. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has followed the 30th session of the Council of the League. It is held in Tunisia under conditions of great complexity; Arab nations are experiencing an unprecedented state of fragmentation and division,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The statement pointed out that many countries of the world and humanitarian and human rights organizations have recorded honorable positions condemning the crimes committed against Yemen man and land. “But we do not know how much the Arab League needs blood and destruction for them to come out with a statement condemning the targeting and Suffering of the Yemen People.”

The US company Lockheed Martin is approaching a US Defense Department (Pentagon) contract worth more than $2 billion for the sale of THAAD defensive missiles, some of which are due to be handed over to Saudi Arabia, Reuters quoted informed sources as saying on Monday.

In November, Saudi and U.S. officials signed letters formalizing the terms of the kingdom’s purchase of 44 THAAD launchers, rockets and related equipment.

A senior military official  has disclosed that Defense Ministry and Command of General Staff in Sanaa have received contacts from sheikhs and leaders in ranks of the coalition who want to return to Sanaa and the “lap of Yemen.”

“Defense Ministry and Command of General Staff are receiving contacts from sheikhs, leaders and others who wish to return to the lap of the motherland,” the director of the Moral Guidance Department at the Defense Ministry and Army spokesman,  Brigadier General Yayah Sarea said on Monday.

According to the Army spokesman, “The free number is  (176) allocated to receiving contacts from those who wish to return home from sheikhs, leaders and others who have been misleading by the coalition, adding that ” there is a preparation of a continuous follow-up room to coordinate and facilitate the return of those who want to return to Yemen and its defense forces against the Saudi-led coaltion, and take the advantage from the amnesty decision.”

In March 2015, the US -backed –Saudi-led coalition started  a war against Yemen with the declared aim of crushing the Houthi Ansarullah movement, who had taken over from the staunch Riyadh ally and fugitive former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, while also seeking to secure the Saudi border with its southern neighbor. Three years and over 600,000 dead and injured Yemeni people and  prevented the patients from travelling abroad for treatment and blocked the entry of medicine into the war-torn country, the war has yielded little to that effect.

Despite the coalition claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi bombers are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

However, Saudi Arabia relies heavily on the US in its brutal war on Yemen. Washington has deployed a commando force on the Arab kingdom’s border with Yemen to help destroy arms belonging to Yemen’s popular Houthi Ansarullah movement. Washington has also provided logistical support and aerial refueling.

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