Yemeni Army Handed-Over Hodeidah Port to Coast Guards




Deputy chief of Staff, Major General Ali Hamoud Al-Mushaki, said that the Coast Guard forces have took over the ports of Hodeidah from the Army and Popular Committees and is concerned solely with protecting it. Major General Al-Moshaki said in a statement to Almasirah TV that “the presence of forces of aggression on the coast of Hodeidah and its attempt to attack the city of Hodeidah during the past few years prompted the government to send troops to the city to protect the ports.”

He pointed out that the Coast Guard forces are a regular, trained and competent force in this work of securing the ports of Hodeidah and the coastal strip. The first phase of redeployment in the ports of Hodeidah ended this afternoon. The head of the UNSCOM team praised the National Team of the Joint Commission to facilitate the completion of the redeployment phase.