Yemen’s Daily War Crimes Update on Sunday, January 5th, 2020: Record




The Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries, on Sunday, continued to bomb Hodeidah governorate, causing material damage to public and private property.

The Saudi/UAE mercenaries in Hodeidah continued to violate the Stockholm Agreement.

In Hais, the US-backed coalition launched over 22 shells on southern and northern the district.

In Attohayta, the US-Saudi mercenaries launched 7 artillery shells on Al-Jabaleah area.

In Addurayhimi city, US-Saudi forces targeted the city with heavy and medium arms.

In Baet Al-Fakih district, a civilian’s house was burned as a result of US-Saudi attacks with machineguns.

The US-Saudi mercenaries targeted residential areas in 7th-July area, 50th St, Al-Sha’ab city and Kilo-16 with shells and machineguns.