Al-Houthi Calls the Security Council and UNESCO to Visit Yemen




Member Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Al-Houthi, called on both the International Security Council and the United Nations Culture and Science Organization (UNESCO) to actually deliver on their promises, execute their tasks, and fulfill their responsibilities.

He said in a tweet that “we look forward to convening the Security Council to stop the US-Saudi aggression, lift the siege and end the air embargo so that a political solution in Yemen becomes a reality and ends the tragedy of the forgotten war in Yemen.”

In the same context, Al-Houthi tried to bring attention to the historical city of Baraqish which has been targeted by US-Saudi airstrikes. “We invite UNESCO to visit the historical city of Baraqish to carry out its responsibility in preserving this important historical site, which the US-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries have destroyed a large part of due to arbitrary bombings,” he said.