Yemen Minister of Health: We Need Over 1,000 Nurseries to Save Newborns




Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha Al-Motwakil, said that the health sector in Yemen needs at least 1,000 nurseries urgently to save the lives of newborns.

During the National Symposium on Maternal and Newborn Dr. Al-Motwakill stated that approximately 50,000 newborns under the age of 28 days die per year as a result of the lack of services and the lack of nurseries.

With regard to psychological support, Al-Motwakil pointed out that we do not need words, we need health centers and medicine to treat the prevailing psychological conditions as a result of the bombing of brutal aggression.

The Minister of Health called on all organizations to pay attention to priorities and provide basic services, including nurseries, to alleviate this suffering.

اعلان الزكاة