144 Breaches by the Saudi-Led Coalition in Hodeidah




In Hodeidah, the Saudi-led coalition and mercenaries, during the past 24 hours, have carried out more than 144 violations of the Stockholm Agreement signed in Sweden.

A source in the office of Coordination Operations Room, responsible for monitoring violations of the ceasefire in Hodeidah, stated that the violations of the forces of the US-backed coalition on Hodeidahs’ fronts amounted to 144 violations during the past 24 hours.

The source added that among the violations were flying 2 spy drones on Sana’a St and Al-Manzhar area, 42 violations with missile and artillery shelling and 97 breaches with live bullets in various areas.

The mercenaries fired more than 30 artillery shells in Hais district during the past few hours. The coalition forces targeted with 13 artillery shells on Al-odeen triangle in Hais district. Moreover, the coalition forces targeted with machineguns and artillery shells several areas in 7th-July- residential area, destroying citizens’ homes in Al-Shajan and Al-Dafush villages in Addurayhimi.

The Saudi-led coalition forces also targeted the citizens’ farms in Ad-durayhimi district with a tank. On Sunday, the aforementioned forces launched a series of raids on a number of Yemeni governorates.