1900-Day Infographic Reveals the Saudi-Led Coalition Crimes in Yemen (Statistics)



A recent Infographic posted by the Legal Center for Rights and Development (LCRD), revealed the statistics of the civil losses suffered by Yemen during the 1900 days of ongoing aggression and siege waged by the Saudi-led coalition of aggression and backed by the US and UK.

The Infographic published by (LCRD) indicated that 42,751 civilians were killed or wounded during Saudi bombardments, especially airstrikes, which have killed 16,672 civilians, including 3742 children, 2364 women and 10566 men.

The number of civilians injured and disabled reached 26,079, including 3,992 children, 2,742 women and 19,345 men.

LCRD stated that the Saudi-led aggression has destroyed (with its aerial, ground, and naval military operations) hundreds of thousands of service establishments. civilian homes formed the largest number with 562687 civilian homes destroyed, followed by 6632 agricultural fields, 1085 schools, 387 hospitals and health facilities, 175 university and higher educational facilities, 1355 mosques, 47 media establishments, 242 archaeological sites, 361 tourist facilities and 131 sports facilities.


  • Infrastructure:

The report revealed how far the damage was to the infrastructure as a result of the Saudi aggression, explaining that the facilities that were targeted by the coalition of aggression were: 15 airports, 16 ports, 300 electrical stations and generators, 525 networks and communication stations, 2067 water tanks and water networks, 1951 government buildings, 3969 roads and bridges.


  • Economic Facilities

Moreover, statistics show that the aggression targeted 21868 economic establishments, including 390 different kinds of factories, 10998 commercial establishments, 671 markets, 400 chicken and livestock farms, 869 food stores, 388 fuel stations, 6638 transportation vehicles, 286 fuel tankers, 768 food trucks and 460 fishing boats.

اعلان الزكاة