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Saudi Airstrikes Hit Yemeni Governorates During Past 24 Hrs.

YemenExtra M.A. The Saudi-led coalition continued targeting different Yemeni governorates today Friday, including Saada and Taiz governorates. In northern governorate of Saada, two air raids struck the main road in Burkan region, Razih…

Saudi Airstrikes Hit Yemeni Provinces During Past 24 Hrs.

YemenExtra M.A. The fighter jets of the Saudi coalition targeted a number of Yemeni provinces during the past 24 hours, including Saada, Sana'a, Taiz and Marib provinces. In the northern province of Saada, one of the most affected by the…

Saudi-Led Coalition Strikes a Civilian Car in Marib

YemenExtra M.A. The Saudi-led coalition continues targeting various regions and Yemen, and it has been accused of committing endless war crimes against civilians. Speaking of Saudi war crimes, the coalition warplanes waged an air raid on…