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Sudanese Paid Fighters Keep killing in Southern Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Local sources confirmed the arrival of a new batch of paid fighters of Sudanese soldiers to the city of Aden, Southern Yemen. The coalition sent them to Yemen to be involved in the holocaust to West Coast or Dala'e…

UK ended up killing Yemenis, they respond!

YemenExtra Y.A Nine British special forces experts and 3 Pakistani agents were killed in the Southern regions of Saudi Arabia, a Yemeni military source announced late on Saturday. .A Yemeni military source on Sunday said that “nine…

France is Killing in Yemen: MP Sebastian Nadot

YemenExtra SH.A. A French parliamentarian has confirmed that his country is killing Yemen and its people, local French media reported.“France is killing in Yemen,” MP Sebastian Nadot said during a session of the French parliament,…