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Jan/6: An Update of the Saudi Crimes and Violations in Yemen

YemenExtra Last Saturday, the Saudi-American aggression in Yemen continued to conduct air raids and shelling a number of governorates, causing casualties and damage to public and private properties. In addition, Saudi-UAE invaders and…

Saudi Cluster Bombs Remnants Injure a Child in Saada

YemenExtra M.A. A child was seriously wounded on Friday by a cluster bomb remnants that was launched in a preset time by the Saudi-led coalition in Saada, northern the country. A 14-year-old boy was injured after a US-Saudi cluster…

Saudi Bombardment Injures a Civilian in Saada

YemenExtra A citizen was wounded on Friday after Saudi bombardment on residential areas in the border districts of Razih and Menbah, Saada northern province. A citizen was injured as a result of Saudi artillery and rocket fire took place,…