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Report: South Yemen separatists reject Riyadh Agreement

YemenExra Y.A According to a report by Houthi-affiliated news site, Uprising Today, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) stated yesterday that it is “no longer bound to implement the Riyadh agreement, especially after Hadi’s…

Riyadh Deal Not to Sooth Crisis in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A The Iranian foreign ministry announced on Wednesday that the agreement signed between fugitive President Mansour Hadi and the UAE-backed separatists in Southern Yemen will not help soothe the crisis in the war-torn…

Washington Wouldn’t Stop Arms Sales to Riyadh :US President

YemenExtra Y.A US President Donald Trump said that Washington would be “punishing itself” if it stopped weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. He defended a $110 billion arms deal he announced with Riyadh last year, insisting that the deal…