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Washington Wouldn’t Stop Arms Sales to Riyadh :US President

YemenExtra Y.A US President Donald Trump said that Washington would be “punishing itself” if it stopped weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. He defended a $110 billion arms deal he announced with Riyadh last year, insisting that the deal…

US must stop backing the coalition : Yemeni official

YemenExtra Y.A The US-Saudi-led coalition troopers and paid fighters have been killed and several tanks destroyed on July 23rd in retaliatory attacks by Yemeni army forces in the battlefronts.  A Saudi soldier and a paid fighter were…

Rouhani urges Saudi to stop bowing to Israel

YemenExtra SH.A. President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said on Sunday that Saudi Arabia should stop bombarding Yemen and begging to have ties with the Zionist regime of Israel. “Saudi Arabia, as our neighbor, should stop…