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Yemeni army forces face US, Israel with missiles in Yemen!

YemenExtra Y.A Dozens of Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, troops and paid fighters lost their lives when Yemeni army forces launched a series of separate attacks against their positions in many battlefronts as Israel keep…

Abdulsalam Confirms Sanaa Adherence to Stockholm Agreements

YemenExtra SH.A. Head of the national delegation to Sweden talks, Mohamed Abdulsalam on Friday said the political leadership in Sanaa adheres to Hodeidah agreement and all agreements as approved in Stockholm and rejects any attempts to…

UAE abusing, denying treatment to Yemenis in the south!

YemenExtra Y.A Over four years , the city of Aden, southern Yemen, witnessed security chaos and acts of violence and terrorism since it was controlled by the UAE forces participating in Saudi-led coalition,backed by the US. During…