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Meningitis Now Spreading in Yemen: United Nations

YemenExtra M.A. The United Nations says meningitis is spreading in Yemen as well as the cholera epidemic after the health system and water supply networks massively collapsed.  "Over the past two weeks, in addition to the cholera…

Cholera deaths in Yemen rise to 1,992: World Health

YemenExtra M.A. The death toll from the cholera epidemic in Yemen has risen to 1,992, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday. "We have recorded 419,804 cases of cholera in Yemen, with a total of 1,992 deaths since last…

Yemenis Exhusted by Cholera Epidemic Use Chlore to Stay Safe

YemenExtra M.A. The office of the General Authority for Rural Water (DEWA) in Yemeni Dhamar province inaugurated a campaign for health awareness on Cholera disease, under the auspices of the Governor of Dhamar province and in coordination…