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A new Yemeni deformed baby emerged to media outlets

YemenExtra Written by: Malak Ali The Saudi-led coalition is now entering its third year of war on Yemen, and it has been accused of using international banned weapons against Yemeni civilians. The emergence of deformed Yemeni babies now…

Another Yemeni Baby Starved to Death Amid Saudi War

S.A. Yemeni child born in current war in Yemen has starved to death at the age 5 months. Udai is one of the millions of humanitarian stories that appeared since March 2015. Udai’s short five-month life was destroyed by the war waged by the…

Assassinations Carried out by Unknown Gunmen in Taiz

YemenExtra Y.A Unknown Gunmen Carried  out Assassinations  on Thursday many people and stole a mechanism in Taiz which was the scene of Security chaos because of the invader troops. A security official said that unknown gunmen…