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Yemeni Tribes Rally to Defend Hodeidah

YemenExtra Y.A A  fighting faction of the sons of the directorates of the capital moved to participate with  the people of the homeland to protect the coasts  of the country, in response to the leadership of the revolution that…

Famine menaces 20m people in Africa and Yemen: The Economist

OUTSIDE a thatched hut in Panyijiar, in South Sudan, Nyakor Matoap, a 25-year-old woman, clutches the youngest of her three children. Dressed in a silky emerald shawl, she hides the baby, named Nyathol, underneath its folds. Her other…

How drugs have become big business

Before war came, Khalid Omar was only an occasional user of qat, sitting around with friends and chewing its narcotic leaves. Then he lost his well-paid job with an oil company in Shabwa province. In 2015 he lost his younger…