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Saudi American bombs continue rocking Yemeni provinces

YemenExtra M.A. The Saudi-led coalition kept its bombardment ongoing against Yemeni provinces on Monday since it first began on the 26th of March, 2015. The designated coalition claims to be returning "legitimacy" to an ousted and twice…

Saudi-Led Coalition Kills Two Yemeni Civilians in Taiz

YemenExtra M.A. Two citizens were killed on Sunday in a raid waged by the US-backed Saudi coalition in Taiz province, central Yemen. The coalition waged an air raid targeting a civilian vehicle on Aqar mountain, Mawza'a disitrct, leading…

Yemeni-American Students Speak About War Through Art

YemenExtra M.A. Yemeni students in Hamtramck, Michigan held an art exhibit to express their feelings about the US-Saudi war against Yemen. According to the Geopolitics Alert, the exhibit took place in Hamtramck, Michigan last week called…