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The Saudi-led coalition makes Yemeni women bleed!

YemenExtra Y.A During the past four years,the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, and its paid fighters caused incidents of abuse of women in Yemeni provinces , and these attacks have varied from bodily harm to rape, abduction and…

UK ended up killing Yemenis, they respond!

YemenExtra Y.A Nine British special forces experts and 3 Pakistani agents were killed in the Southern regions of Saudi Arabia, a Yemeni military source announced late on Saturday. .A Yemeni military source on Sunday said that “nine…

Yemeni Foreign Ministry Rejects Normalization with Israel

YemenExtra M.A. The Yemeni Foreign Ministry affirmed that the participation of the Foreign Minister appointed by ousted former president Hadi with Israel’s prime minister at the Warsaw summit does not represent the Yemeni people. The…