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Saudi fighters target al-Bayda region with 10 airstrikes

YemenExtra The US-Saudi aggression warplanes on Thursday launched 10 raids on Bayda province, a security official said. The aggression's warplanes targeted al-Sawadiya district with 9 raids, and launched a raid on the city of Bayda, the…

Coalition Saudi-Emirate launches 27 raids on Marib

The Coalition Saudi-Emirate warplanes launched 27 raids on Marib province, a security official said. The official added Coalition Saudi-Emirate's warplanes targeted al-Balaq area in al-Wadi district and al-Joba district with 17 raids. He…

UN Team Visits Ports Of Al-Salif, Ras Issa In Hodeida

A United Nations team headed by the commander of the United Nations patrol was briefed on the situation in the ports of al-Salif and Ras Issa in Hodeida province. His visit comes within the framework of visits by United Nations…