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Nasim Husain Munsar one of the victims for war on Yemen

YemenExtra Today Patients in Yemen experience tough and disastrous situation and this is one of the serious adverse effects of the aggression’s imposed siege that might lead to the death or disability of Yemenis,Nasim Husain Munsar is…

A Child Injured by a Saudi Remnant Bomb in Saada

YemenExtra M.A. A child was seriously wounded on Thursday by a cluster bomb left behind by the Saudi-led coalition in a farm in Baqam district of Saada province, northern Yemen. The international forbidden cluster bomb exploded while the…

UN says siege imposed on Yemen arbitrary and illegal

YemenExtra A.A Edris Jaza`eri, United Nations Special Rapporteur for international sanctions and human rights, said on Tuesday , that the blockade ,which have been imposed on Yemen by Saudi-led Coalition since 2015, should be lifted…