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Yemeni Childhood Slaughtered in International Childhood Day

YemenExtra The world celebrates the 20th International Children's Day from November, all the children of the world are well, happy, and have a bright future, what about the children of Yemen? On this day, what about the children of Yemen…

MBS Expected to Be Saudi King by Year’s End: Asia Times

YemenExtra Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, whose ailing 84-year-old father King Salman was hospitalized on Monday, will likely take control of the kingdom before US elections this November, experts told Asia Times. “He is…

The UN Warns of a New Hunger Crisis in Yemen

YemenExtra The United Nations agencies and organizations have warned that the crises of Yemen, which has been under the aggression of the Saudi-led coalition for more than five years, threatens to increase the number of people who suffer…