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Sep14: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen

YemenExtra Last Monday, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression (coalition) on Yemen continued to launch its airstrikes in a number of provinces, leaving killed civilians and destroyed property. In Hodeidah coastal province, violations are…

Two Civilians Killed by Saudi Intensive Shelling in Saada

YemenExtra Two citizens were killed today, Monday, by Saudi missile shelling that targeted border areas in Saada northern province. a source reported from the province that two civilians were killed by as a result of the Saudi…

Fresh Saudi Airstrikes Target the Yemeni Capital

YemenExtra Yesterday, on Saturday evening, the Saudi-American aggression (coalition) on Yemen launched a series of raids on the capital, Sana'a, and the governorate. The Saudi aggression warplanes carried out a number of 5 raids targeted…