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Yemeni Forces shut down a Saudi drone in western Yemen.

YemenExtra A.A Air defenses in Yemeni Joint Forces shut down Saudi drones in Hajjah province western Yemen, a military told YemenExtra. The military Source added " Saudi drones was down when she was Flying in Midid western Yemen.…

New Foothold in the Red Sea

YemenExtra Y.A Americans are increasing their direct presence in the Yemeni arena. A new military base are being secretly and rapidly built in the largest Yemeni islands in the Red Sea On the largest Yemeni islands in the Red Sea,…

Al-Qaeda denies being targeted by Saudi Arabia in Yemen

YemenExtra M.A. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in Yemen, denied in an official statement on Friday that Saudi Arabia had captured and detained any of its commanders as the Gulf Kingdom otherwise claimed yesterday. Saudi…