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Amnesty: Yemen’s Disabled Suffering Most in Saudi-led War

YemenExtra M.A. Amnesty International has raised the alarm about the dire situation of millions of people with disabilities in Yemen, saying they are hit the hardest by a years-long Saudi-led military campaign against the state. In…

Stop Aggression and Siege

YemenExtra Y.A

He will stop killing Yemenis

YemenExtra Y.A Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Sunday that he would stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen if he wins the election this month, according to Reuters. “Labour will stop arms sales to…

Who steals Yemen’s antiquities!

YemenExtra Y.A In a serious development of the UAE's colonial role in Yemen, a US archaeologist revealed that the UAE has stolen Yemeni antiquities and smuggled them to sell to some countries, including America. Alexander Nagel…