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war on yemen

Saudi-led coalition storms hospitals in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Southern Transmittal Council’ paid fighters backed by United Arab Emirates (UAE) stormed on Sunday a hospital of the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders in the southern city of Aden, under the…

U.K condemns but participates in killing Yemenis

YemenExra Y.A The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain has condemned Sudan for seeking to retain and even increase its troops in a Saudi Arabian-led coalition that has invaded the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country. It…

Report: Saudi Arabia Covered Up Unlawful War Crimes in Yemen

YemenExtra M.A. An international law group has submitted a new report to the British government providing evidence that the Saudi-led coalition has been covering up its unlawful airstrikes on civilian targets and its war crimes in the…