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Saudis allow entry of a gas ship and seize another

YemenExtra The Yemen Gas Company explained, on Sunday, that the US-backed Saudi aggressors have finally released one of the ships that are held, which is loaded with gas, and went on to capture another to prevent its entry to Yemen. The…

Saudi-led aggressors seize new oil ship: YPC

YemenExtra The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) said on Saturday that the Saudi-led aggressive coalition detained a new diesel vessel. The official spokesman of the company Essam Al-Mutawakel, explained that the Saudi coalition of…

Saudis, allies not serious about peace in Yemen: Abdulsalam

YemenExtra According to Yemen’s al-Masirah TV, Mohammad Abdul Salam said in a tweet that the continued shutdown of the airport due to the Saudi-led coalition’s opposition to the resumption of flights under a truce between the two sides is…